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Weiyee has served as the Chief Information Officer at Protego Trust Bank since October 2020. Leading a dynamic team, Weiyee implemented a state-of-the-art Zero Trust Architecture, aligning with NIST guidelines, and managed IT governance across vendors like Oracle/ACS, IBM, Crowe, and more. With a global reach, Weiyee’s efforts resulted in an interoperable data strategy across five countries.

In earlier roles, Weiyee’s tenure at Bloomberg (June 2015 – April 2017) involved content strategy and responses to regulatory shifts. As an angel investor since May 2012, Weiyee provided regulatory advisory, while roles at BNP Paribas (November 2009 – December 2013) showcased expertise in TMT research and sustainability strategy.

Weiyee’s career journey also encompassed impactful stints at Tao Group (June 2006 – June 2007), NYGS (August 2005 – June 2006), and UBS (November 1999 – April 2003), reflecting strategic planning, equity research, and technology trends analysis. With a B.A. in Political Science and East Asian Languages and Culture from Columbia University, Weiyee’s academic foundation complements extensive professional accomplishments.

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Day 1: Nov 3, 2022

12:15 pm

12:15 pm


Personalization, Content Creation, Customer Engagement

ChatGPT has over 100 million users and rising. However, the wider applications of AI continues to develop at a rapid pace with the sudden emergence AI digital transformation tools: creating data, imagery, audio and abundant content. How can you fulfill the promise of this revolution to boost analytics and decision-making abilities along with creativity.  Let’s take a confident step to fundamentally change the way financial services reach consumers. Find the right path for your organization by:

  • Harnessing disruptive AI amongst a raft of marketing tools for enhanced engagement
  • Using AI to uncover insights and patterns in customer data
  • Understanding where AI meets and connects with data, compliance and regulation
  • Creating better digital campaigns with super-personalized content

Unlocking the potential of intuitive disruptive technologies to drive growth and efficiencies

4:00 pm

4:00 pm



Which Digital Technology Solutions Will Truly Accelerate Your Organization’s Capabilities?

Uncover the best cutting-edge digital marketing tools that will work for both sales and marketing. Learn which software your competitors are using to leverage social media, SEO, and content marketing to boost brand visibility and attract high-quality leads. Get your blueprint to:

  • Optimize Conversion Rates: Dive into the world of conversion optimization and discover proven techniques for converting prospects into customers
  • Streamline Operations: Say goodbye to manual processes and welcome efficiency into your workflows
  • Measure Success with Precision: Leave guesswork behind and embrace data-driven decision-making

Achieve measurable results and demonstrate ROI to stakeholders.

Day 2: Nov 4, 2022