Rob Russini, MBA


Rob Russini is the President and Chief Executive Officer of New Start Capital, a venture-backed financial leader in the debt relief industry. Rob oversees all company operations and is directly responsible for leading company growth and developing a culture of organizational excellence. Prior to acting as President and Chief Executive Officer, Rob acted as the Chief Marketing Officer for New Start Capital, leading Marketing, Strategic Planning, Communications, Customer Experience and Data Analytics.  Before joining New Start Capital, Rob Russini acted as the Senior Director and Head of Marketing for Heritage Financial Credit Union, a mid-size Credit Union in the Hudson Valley. Rob oversaw Marketing and was responsible for both departmental and organizational growth. Rob held seats within various committees including Senior Management, Strategy, Pricing, and Asset-Liability Management. Rob led key organizational and departmental projects ranging from company rebranding to the development of digital marketing channels within his department. Rob received Master’s Degrees in his field from both Northwestern University and Babson College. Rob has been recognized by Forbes and other leading publishers as being an expert in the field of Marketing and Leadership. Rob has contributed to several online publications and has spoken at various conferences across North America on Marketing, Customer Experience and Leadership topics.

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Day 1: Nov 3, 2022

Day 2: Nov 4, 2022