Neal Fogarty

Senior Account Executive

Neal Fogarty is a seasoned professional in the marketing analytics space who has worked with diverse marketing teams across verticals such as financial, insurance, sports, e-commerce/DTC, and advertising agencies for large enterprise organizations. With over six years of experience in the industry, Neal has developed a strong passion for leveraging data to unlock valuable business insights. He is well-versed in automating data collection and transformation processes to align structured data to business objectives. He’s helped hundreds of professionals save countless hours – time converted from data collection and transformation into valuable insights and analysis.
Neal’s passion for marketing analytics is driven by his love of puzzles and problem-solving as well as his innate ability to listen, hear the problem, and come to the table with a catalog of solutions. In speaking with marketers, his process is to first understand the role of marketing for the organization, what ways data can be helpful to the marketing team to demonstrate the impact they’re having on the business or to their clients then align a strategy and tool stack to accomplish business goals.
With his extensive experience, passion for data, and multidisciplinary background, Neal Fogarty is a driving force in the marketing analytics space. His ability to understand the multiple functions of marketing, the marketing funnel, and technology helps clients tie together marketing investments to the impact it has on the business has, which makes him a highly sought-after consultant in the space.

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Day 1: Nov 3, 2022

Day 2: Nov 4, 2022

11:30 am

11:30 am



And how It Can Make You Stand Out In A Hugely Competitive Market

The average US consumer is likely to change their checking account on average every 17 years, whilst only 1/3rd of US consumers have changed their credit card in the past five years.

Changing customers’ purchasing behavior in financial markets can be exceptionally hard, especially when consumers are so deeply rooted in their behaviors, so how can marketers affect change and drive greater adoption of their services?

The first thing is to get a greater and better understanding of your marketing performance, are you shouting into the wind, are your campaigns landing and if not why not?

In this session, Adverity and American Express will discuss:

  • The challenges faced by marketers in such a competitive industry
  • The benefits of an integrated data approach
  • How marketing teams can achieve an integrated data approach
  • The importance of adding value to customers through a data-centric culture and how to build it within your organization

Being able to react and adjust spend correctly