Lisa Zakrzewski

Chief Marketing Officer
Leverage Retirement

Lisa Zakrzewski serves as the Chief Marketing Officer at Leverage Retirement, where she combines her expertise in customer experience with her passion for helping clients navigate their financial futures. Lisa is a holder of the QKA certification and holds an MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas, equipping her with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in her role.

Her approach to marketing is grounded in a deep understanding of client needs and a commitment to delivering exceptional service. Lisa’s work is driven by a dedication to making complex retirement planning accessible and understandable for all.

Outside of work, Lisa loves to travel and explore new cultures, drawing inspiration from her experiences to bring fresh perspectives to her professional life. With her strategic insights and customer-centric mindset, Lisa plays a key role in shaping the future of retirement planning for her clients.

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Day 1: Nov 7, 2024

Day 2: Nov 8, 2024

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