LeAnita Ragland-Brooks

Former Managing Director, Vice President of Enterprise Strategic Relationship Management

LeAnita Ragland-Brooks, was most recently a Managing Director and Vice President of Enterprise Strategic Relationship Management at Prudential Financial. In this leadership role, she built collaborative and trusted relationships across the Prudential enterprise with top executives, treasury, and product sales distribution leaders. Prior to this role, LeAnita built high-performing sales and relationship management teams with expertise in digital payments, SaaS, AI fraud mitigation and innovative payments solutions. Her previous positions include Western Region Vice President, Corporate Payment Systems at US Bank; Vice President at JPMorgan Chase; Vice President Sales at Fifth Third Processing Solutions and Director Account Development and Director Business Development at American Express; and Director, Business Development at Rippleshot. LeAnita was Conference Chair – Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit, Strategy Institute – Midwest, San Francisco, New York, and Canada and served as Conference Chair CX Toronto. LeAnita is a cum laude graduate from University of Maryland and has been profiled in Redbook, Today’s Chicago Woman, NS Modern, Luxury, Sheridan Road, Make It Better Magazines.

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Day 1: Nov 3, 2022

11:15 am

11:15 am


Winning Formulas Harnessing New MarTech Tools from Data to Marketing Platforms

Incumbent banks face challenges in their transformation to digital-first banks, such as legacy technology, culture, and regulation. They can address these challenges by migrating to new digital platforms, establishing digital brands, or partnering with fintechs. The best approach will depend on the bank’s size, culture, and regulatory environment. Secure your blueprint to:

  • Understanding the types and capabilities of marketing platforms in an omnichannel backdrop
  • Data silos that prevent a holistic view of the customer and proper analysis
  • Why existing systems and decisions which don’t always produce actionable insights
  • Building a strong marketing analytics and first-party data backbone as digital finance marketing leader’s most valued asset
  • Bigger, bolder leadership: navigating tough economic times and our outlook

How embrace the new digital transformation tech stacks and tools

5:55 pm

5:55 pm


Day 2: Nov 4, 2022

12:00 pm

12:00 pm



Taking Digital Marketing to the Next Level of Complexity & ROI

In marketing decisions, data and metrics act as the guiding light. Our expert will help you benchmark digital marketing data, set goals, track KPIs, and evaluate performance. Learn to ask the right questions, assess results, and adjust strategies for better ROI. Discover how to create a robust blueprint for metrics:

  • Identify the key metrics you should be tracking for each type of your digital marketing goals
  • Accurately evaluate and determine if you are on track to hit your goals based on data
  • Utilize digital experience metrics to gain insights into user engagement, satisfaction, and behavior
  • Increase ROI by pivoting your marketing strategy based on data

How to start setting better goals and KPIs for your digital marketing activities