Dr Fabiola Corvera-Stimeling

Vice President of Client Experience

Dr. Corvera-Stimeling has more than fifteen years of customer experience, customer retention, value co-creation, and service innovation. She has a proven track record and passion in helping Fortune 100 companies improving customer experience when challenged by lack of collaboration and internal silo structures. As a Senior Director of Client Experience for Northwestern Mutual, she leads the purchase experience for risk and investment products. Before joining Northwestern Mutual, Dr. Corvera-Stimeling served as a Customer Experience Consultant at her own CX consulting firm, where she provided strategic direction to help companies transform complex service delivery models into seamless, simple, and sustainable customer experiences. Dr. Corvera-Stimeling earned her Doctorate in Business from Georgia State University, and her research expertise is in customer experience, service innovation, and value co-creation. She also earned her Masters of Business Administration in Marketing from Illinois Institute of Technology, and her Bachelors of Science in Electronics and Communications Systems from Monterrey Institute of Technology. Dr. Corvera-Stimeling is the author of Voiceless Customer: Why Customers Leave, a bestseller that gives you a look inside service organizations using a customer lens to understand why firms struggle to serve and retain their customers. Fabiola is married to her husband, Doug, and lives in Milwaukee, WI.

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Day 1: Nov 3, 2022

Day 2: Nov 4, 2022

9:30 am

9:30 am


How to Stand Out and Differentiate in a Uniform Market

Join us for an inspiring conference session as we tackle the challenge of zero differentiation in the financial services industry. Discover how to break free from the sea of sameness and unleash your creative courage to achieve true differentiation.

  • Stand Out: Making your brand shine amidst the sea of sameness
  • How changing browser cookie policies will affect digital marketers in financial services
  • Innovate Engagement: Uncover innovative methods to captivate consumers
  • ‘Voice of the customer’ – the human behind the technology: Integrating the emotion with digital
  • Maximize Returns: Optimal tools, time, and budget for digital marketing, advertising, and creative endeavors
  • Embrace Differentiation: Depart with renewed hope and inspiration for a bold future in financial services.

Let’s revolutionize the financial services landscape by embracing creativity and the courage to be different