Brian Ivanovick

Head of Solutions, Americas

Brian Ivanovick is the Head of Solutions Consulting North America at Amplitude. He has been working at the intersection of data, marketing and analytics since 2007. Brian has led engagements with 5 of the top 10 financial services firms in the US helping them create more personalized customer experiences using customer data. He has also worked with 3 of the world’s largest FinTech companies helping them to optimize their customer experience using customer data. Brian has held similar roles at companies like Omniture, Adobe, Oracle and most recently the independent CDP ActionIQ

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Day 1: Nov 3, 2022

11:15 am

11:15 am


Winning Formulas Harnessing New MarTech Tools from Data to Marketing Platforms

Incumbent banks face challenges in their transformation to digital-first banks, such as legacy technology, culture, and regulation. They can address these challenges by migrating to new digital platforms, establishing digital brands, or partnering with fintechs. The best approach will depend on the bank’s size, culture, and regulatory environment. Secure your blueprint to:

  • Understanding the types and capabilities of marketing platforms in an omnichannel backdrop
  • Data silos that prevent a holistic view of the customer and proper analysis
  • Why existing systems and decisions which don’t always produce actionable insights
  • Building a strong marketing analytics and first-party data backbone as digital finance marketing leader’s most valued asset
  • Bigger, bolder leadership: navigating tough economic times and our outlook

How embrace the new digital transformation tech stacks and tools

Day 2: Nov 4, 2022