Jeff Jarvis

SVP of Strategy & Consulting

As PossibleNOW’s Senior Vice President of Strategy and Consulting, Jeff provides thought leadership related to the deployment and utilization of zero-party data (customer consents, preferences, and insights). He handles executive management responsibilities for pre-sales, consulting, and implementation services. He helps customers identify pain points, craft solutions unique to their needs, and provides guidance across the implementation and assessment processes.  Jeff has a broad and extensive background in domestic and international business environments across myriad industries. He has held executive positions with FreebeePay, Agentek, SupportSoft, and CoreNetworks and management positions with Mosaix, Sequent Computer and IBM, helping companies drive business growth, develop high-performance sales and service organizations and implement process best practices.

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Day 1: Nov 3, 2022

3:10 pm

3:10 pm



Leveraging Preferences and Consents in Digital Marketing for Financial Services

Explore inspiring customer success stories in financial services, where preferences and consents drive digital marketing innovation and customer satisfaction.

  • Discover how leading financial institutions leverage customer preferences to create personalized and meaningful interactions.
  • Learn how consent-driven approaches not only enhance compliance but also boost customer trust and loyalty.

Access actional takeaways and valuable insights into the power of aligning marketing efforts with customer preferences and consent, from increased engagement to revenue growth

Day 2: Nov 4, 2022