Top 5 Reasons to Sponsor

  1. Meet hundreds of delegates who have digital CX as a top priority
    Marketing, Digital and Experience executives know they need to adapt to rapid changes in digital CX, and they need your help. Meet highly vetted senior-level decision makers who are continually adapting their strategies. Make sure you are at the centre of action, where important decisions on new investments are initiated.
  2. Join the longest-running digital CX event in America
    Our audience of digital CX leaders are strategic thinkers and decision-makers – exactly who you want to engage with to build new leads and nurture existing ones. Take advantage of keynote sessions, case studies, panels and industry updates to position yourself as a leader.
  3. Get quality face-time with 8+ hours of dedicated networking
    Face-to-face conversations are still the best way to connect with your market! Solidify your existing relationships and connect with brand new contacts looking to engage with your company. Our audience of digital CX executives are exactly who you want to connect with to make and influence purchasing decisions.
  4. Demonstrate your thought leadership to key decision-makers
    Showcase your company’s expertise in digital CX to a market that is increasingly in need of advanced solutions. Present your solutions in customer experience with high-profile speaking opportunities to an audience who is looking for change with budget to spend. Be known as the go-to for innovation and grow your business.
  5. Source intelligence to help your clients
    Be an integral part of the digital customer experience ecosystem. Join industry decision-makers and leaders in from each part of the value chain at this meeting of minds as we shape the industry. Position yourself as the go-to supplier in the industry with deep knowledge to meet the needs of your customers.

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