Shadaab Kanwal

Managing Director Digital, Data, and Analytics

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Day 1: Nov 17, 2020

Day 2: Nov 18, 2020

1:00 pm

1:00 pm

Power Panel: Financial Services Design and UX 4.0

Transform Simplification Models into Instruments to Accelerate Digitalization

Digital marketing transformation is sweeping through the financial industry. Facing exponential competition from internet giants, fintech, Facebook and other players, banks need to catch up if they want to remain competitive. How well are they doing today? And what steps can they take to speed up and improve the transition? Gain practical tips to:

  • Seamlessly integrate legacy systems with emerging technologies.
  • Develop an internal culture of adaptability and resilience.
  • Nurture engagement and simplify complexities.

Implement winning strategies to realize technology and people working in synergy.