Patrick Kehoe

Executive Vice President, Product Management

Patrick Kehoe has over 25 years of experience delivering business solutions for document processing, customer communications, and content management. As EVP of Product Management, Patrick drives product strategy and messaging in collaboration with Product Development. Prior to joining Messagepoint, Patrick was Worldwide Head of OpenText Exstream. He has managed, architected, and delivered comprehensive solutions, including BPO for customers in healthcare, financial services, banking, manufacturing, and retail/distribution markets. Patrick has an acute understanding of how to achieve results by focusing on the customer, identifying the problem, and applying the appropriate technology.

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Day 1: Nov 16, 2021

Day 2: Nov 17, 2021

10:30 am

10:30 am

How to Avoid Content Chaos when Hyper-Segmenting Marketing and Customer Communications

During the COVID-19 pandemic many financial services organizations moved to hyper-segmentation in marketing campaigns and customer communications in order to deliver more relevant content and establish deeper customer connections to drive greater loyalty and lifetime value.  While much of the focus when adopting this approach is placed on how to identify the right segments and create the right content, little attention is paid to the crippling complexity that comes with execution. Take a deep dive into:
  • How content can be better managed, targeted, and delivered to customers
  • How to overcome ‘content chaos’ caused by the proliferation of content and templates
  • How to identify wasteful, redundant work and create the optimum streamlined personal digital customer engagement
Learn best practices for managing content when adopting a hyper-segmentation strategy