Pam Piligian

Pam Piligian

Senior Vice President, Marketing

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Day 1: Nov 16, 2021

4:15 pm

4:15 pm

FIRESIDE CHAT: Connecting Branches to Digital Marketing

What Branches Mean for Financial Services Overall and its Digitalization

Digital marketing banking has pushed the branch to a fundamental inflection point. Financial institutions must rethink, reimagine and retool branches if they are to succeed. This panel will share stories, conversations and connections with our audiences. Explore how leading financial institutions are revamping retail banking technology, retooling frontline associates and creating the branch and retail banking experience of the future. You’ll leave with answers to these key questions:

  • What lessons can we learn from other industries? Taking inspiration for your physical and hybrid future
  • What have you changed about the design of your branches?
  • Have you rolled this change out to multiple branches or your whole network?
  • What do you envision for the design of your future network?

Develop a blueprint to convert each and every touchpoint into a digital asset.


Day 2: Nov 17, 2021