Mike Balsam

VP, Manager Digital Product Management, Wealth. Strategy, Digital and Innovation

I am a strategic, tech-savvy, globally minded product executive focused on delivering best-in-class solutions that positively impact customer relations. I am known for fostering an organization of accountability, agility, and awareness. I take calculated risks to eliminate customer pain points and drive change adoption. I seamlessly synthesize complex customer-facing systems and internal data into value-driven solutions. As an avid world traveler (pre-COVID) I work well with a wide variety of personalities and cultures.

⫸ Over my career I have managed up to 20 global team members.
⫸ I hold 2 patent & 1 patents pending
⫸ I enjoy speaking in front of small and large audiences as a digital product SME

My career path has taken numerous turns from desktop and server engineering to program management of web app development teams and business teams. In the last few years, I have used those skills to transform into an experienced leader in online and mobile solutions and strategy. Along the way I have honed my skills in partnering across organizations and bridging business goals with technology solutions. I’m equally skilled at identifying client needs and designing experiences to meet or exceed them.

Drawing on my training in improvisation, I work to incorporate the key principles of supportive interactions in all I do. And just as in improv, I believe it takes the entire group to deliver.

In all my endeavors, I have proven to be a quick study and I welcome any challenge. I invite you to connect or reach out.

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Day 1: Nov 16, 2021

Day 2: Nov 17, 2021

2:45 pm

2:45 pm



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