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Chief Experience Officer

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Day 1: Nov 17, 2020

11:40 am

11:40 am

What is Means for Financial Services Overall and the Digital Bank of the Future

Coronavirus and the disruption it caused has had serious implications for the financial services industry, but will we see a continued, long-term financial crisis? What can the industry to ensure smoother, better digital experiences.  This vital, timely benchmarking panel will examine what we have learned so far and how to build stronger relationships and to build great trust between your channels and digital experiences for customers. Create a blueprint and discuss:

  • Fulfillment of social missions to support households and businesses with credit – what is the next phase
  • Balancing digital vs branch and store outlets
  • Lessons from critical weaknesses – stress testing your digital virtual channels for the future
  • Tracking the changing customer journey across all channels
  • Building trust, counteracting fraud and adjusting to the ‘new normal’

Being better prepared to forge a consistent experience at each touchpoint

Day 2: Nov 18, 2020