Kerry-Ann Stimpson


Kerry-Ann Betton Stimpson
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), JMMB Group

Kerry-Ann is a financial services marketer, currently leading the marketing function at JMMB Group, where she’s based at the financial group’s headquarters in her home country, Jamaica.

A firm believer in the need to implement creative and out-of-the-box marketing strategies, to drive deeper customer and employee engagement that create the win for brands, her current role as Chief Marketing Officer includes the overall leadership of marketing strategy development and execution, including customer insight management.

Kerry-Ann is also the producer and host of The Internal Marketing Podcast; a personal project where she supports the business community by hosting discussions with various subject matter experts in the areas of internal marketing and employee (brand) advocacy. Specifically, her aim is to ‘flip the marketing conversation’ to focus on how companies can build their brands and drive growth, by marketing internally (to their employees), so as to engage and empower them to become advocates of the company brand.

Kerry-Ann has an MBA in Marketing from the Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, U.S.A.

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Day 1: Nov 3, 2022

10:00 am

10:00 am


How Marketing to Your Employees Builds the Brand And Drives Revenue

Successful marketing strategies first need the engagement of employees to be able to deliver on the brand promise. Employees who are engaged in the brand are empowered to provide a great CX, generate more high-quality leads for conversion and feel empowered to advocate for the brand on social media and other online channels. Create a plan to:

  • Assess and improve how engaged your employees are, in the brand values and purpose
  • Grow brand awareness through increasing earned media, mentions and sentiment online (including social media)
  • Improve conversion and revenue, through higher quality (employee-generated) leads

Heighten your brand awareness and accelerate your ROI.

12:05 pm

12:05 pm



Super-Charging Digital Content that Drives the Pipeline and Builds the Brand

Build a strong presence on social media to help engage your fragmented audiences. Increase profits by planning, implementing and monitoring your social media strategies. Create a blueprint to:
  • Employee Advocacy: Building social media confidence and competence from the inside out
  • Building real engagement – even in a low-engagement category
  • Connecting the dots from top of funnel to the bottom
Empower Sales to Power Pipeline – and Brand.

Day 2: Nov 4, 2022