Jonathan Corley

Director of Experience Strategy, Customer Transformation

Jonathan Corley is the Director of Experience Strategy on Sitecore’s Customer Transformation team, where he leads a team of innovative value engineers and digital strategists. He advises marketers at some of the world’s largest corporations, specializing in the optimization of digital experiences. Jonathan has a decade of experience as a marketing technology consultant with a sharp focus on strategy and configuration. He draws on his consulting experience at Sitecore, where he works closely with partners and top-tier customers to develop a shared vision for leveraging Sitecore’s digital experience software to create innovative digital experiences that accelerate business success. Jonathan lives with his family in Atlanta, Georgia and he is passionate about music and emerging technologies.

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Day 1: Nov 3, 2022

12:45 pm

12:45 pm


Personalization Strategies for Orchestrating Engaging Omnichannel Experiences

Customer expectations in the financial services industry have changed rapidly in recent years, and marketers are adapting their strategies to keep up. Fostering meaningful, personalized conversations and connections with your customers has become vital. This session introduces Sitecore’s DX Maturity Model and highlights real-world strategies banks and insurance firms have used to accelerate customer engagement. In this session, we’ll learn by:

  • Exploring use case examples of omnichannel personalized experiences across banking, insurance, and finance in the context of Sitecore’s DX Maturity Model
  • Reviewing recommendations for initiating and scaling a data-driven optimization program
  • Previewing an innovative use case leveraging GenAI to draft personalized marketing messaging for various Financial Services audience segments

Day 2: Nov 4, 2022