Jennifer Granston

Chief Customer Officer

As Zignal’s CCO, Jen oversees customer engagement and experience, ensuring each customer receives maximum value from the platform as they use Zignal’s data to create actionable intelligence to support their most critical business goals and brand decisions. Jen has more than 20 years of industry experience, including holding several senior executive positions at WE Communications, most recently Global COO and President Insight Analytics.

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Day 1: Nov 17, 2020

12:15 pm

12:15 pm


What it Means for Financial Services Overall and the Digitization of Banking

May we live in interesting times! Financial Services leaders are facing in some ways more disruption than other sectors as they have compliance, growth, the economy and customers to manage.  COVID-19 has had serious implications for the world, but will we see a continued, long-term financial crisis? What can the industry do to ensure smoother, better digital experiences? This vital and timely benchmarking panel will examine what we have learned so far, and how to build stronger B2C and B2B relationships and use this to harness greater trust for all. Hear how different FS are forging a new balance:
•      Lessons from other industries – taking inspiration for your digital future
•      Tracking the changing your internal and external customer journey to mitigate risk and understand key emerging trends across all channels
•      Fulfillment of the next phase of ‘customers under stress’ including social missions – underserved populations and supporting households and businesses with credit
•      Building trust in the era of mis/disinformation, counteracting fraud, and adjusting to the ‘new normal’
Being better prepared to forge a more streamlined digital experience at each touchpoint from B2C and B2B

Day 2: Nov 18, 2020

11:00 am

11:00 am


Harnessing Digital Disruption Across Team, Product and Marketing Levels

We are at the cutting edge of new disruptive trends and now is the time to plan future scenarios for fresh innovative product development and distribution. Explore a new world order where we can harness data and customer experience feedback to find innovative views on how FS products are going to look like in the next decade. The way forward: 10 top ideas to boost innovation after the crisis:
• Using data and transparency in a more customer-centric digital world
• What critical steps should you take now to improve the digital customer journey
• Internal culture changes: looking at the customer journey across the whole business
• What are the drivers of digital literacy and skillsets required to support disruptive innovation
Develop your always on 24/7 digital product of the future!