Jeff Fenigstein

VP, Marketing & Sales Operations

There I was: a guy who thrives on change about to say yes to working for one of the largest and oldest insurance brokerage and consulting firms in the US.

I wondered if it would be the right fit for me…It turned out to be one of the coolest, most rewarding decisions of my career to date.

As a business leader, my career began more than 20 years ago in finance with Merrill Lynch. I subsequently made my way into business operations, management, and eventually marketing across 7 different industries — from startups to turnarounds to F50 companies like Amex and others in B2B and B2C.

Before joining Woodruff Sawyer, I thought I knew that insurance was a slow and boring industry.

To put it simply: I was wrong.

Instead, I discovered a fascinating world immersed in business strategy in pursuit of the elimination of risk. And Woodruff Sawyer is no ordinary brokerage either. At its heart lies incredibly smart, strategic, and good-hearted people who go to great lengths to become trusted advisors to the companies they serve. As its Vice President of Marketing, it’s my mission to portray our amazing people and the experience of Woodruff Sawyer to the world.

Since I joined the team, we’ve:

✔ Reinvented our brand to more closely reflect our people and our culture

✔ Landed features in The Wall Street Journal, Inc., Forbes, Bloomberg, and CNBC

✔ Transformed Sales teams from spreadsheets to Salesforce

I’ve also been honored to speak at multiple events on topics like marketing for financial services, brand strategy, and B2B marketing. I’m open to contributing to an Advisory Board. If you have an opportunity that could use my expertise, let’s discuss and see if there is a fit.

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Day 1: Nov 16, 2021

Day 2: Nov 17, 2021