Alex Sylaidis

Director of Insights and Customer Data Hub

Perhaps many would agree that preparing a good meal, requires equally good ingredients and a sufficiently defined process. Similarly, an established Analytics function empowered by the proper data will point to the right direction. Alex Sylaidis has nearly 10 years of experience at Citi Credit Cards and is now at Jackson Hewitt Tax Services where he has created an ongoing symbiotic relationship of ‘data experts’ across marketing, engineering, product and compliance.  He uses an analytical approach as a compass and engineering creativity as a mind frame, and has established himself as the Analytics & Insights SME in the financial services industry.

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Day 1: Nov 3, 2022

Day 2: Nov 4, 2022

4:10 pm

4:10 pm


Build a Data-Driven Approach to Engaging Customers

With regulations changing and third-party cookies depreciating, recognizing and marketing to anonymous users at the top-of-funnel will prove to be a challenge. On top of this, the customer’s demand for a high degree of personalization is causing financial services to rethink how they go to market. Organizations are forced to reimagine their tech stacks and internal processes. Join us during this session where you’ll learn how Jackson Hewitt is:

  • Building out a data-driven value exchange that leverages personalization and illustrates a customer-centric focus
  • Creating organizational synergies across engineering, product, legal and marketing teams
  • Empowering business users to reduce the time it takes to execute omni-channel campaigns