Catch a glimpse into what is top-of-mind for leading FinServ Marketers today.

We asked FinServ marketing experts the following question regarding the future of digital in the financial services industry, and they were kind enough to share their insights with us:

What are you most excited about for the future of digital marketing in the financial services industry? Is there anything you have your eye on right now?

Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta

Sharon Cook Headshot

Chief Marketing Officer,
Sharon Cook

I am most excited about the constant evolution of data and learning customer behaviors to further refine the marketing process and its impact to the overall business strategy. In finance data is everything.

Simple Disability Insurance

Paul Mineck Headshot

Chief Marketing Officer,
Paul Mineck

What’s most exciting to me is the ability to use predictive analytics and targeting to engage customers in more personal and meaningful ways.  Amazon knows the things that my kids and I might like to buy.  Netflix knows me and communicates what I want to watch before I know that I want to watch it.  In that same capacity, we can use data modeling and propensity analyses to identify the very best solutions, custom-tailored to our clients throughout their financial life cycle.  It’s tremendously exciting.

OneMain Financial

Eric Barba Headshot

VP/Director – Digital Marketing & Analytics,
Eric Barba

I am most excited about taking personalization to the next level. We have invested and crafted experiences that map to the various personas that make up our customer base and target markets. As buzzworthy technology like machine learning and artificial intelligence enter the landscape, I’m excited to apply these solutions to our platform and truly deliver a personal experience that defines our brand. As with any technology, we are closely watching the advances in the field and reading up on how other verticals are leveraging such technologies.

Brightpeak Financial

Ahti Hujanen Headshot

Chief Architect & Implementation Officer,
Ahti Hujanen

I am really looking forward to the combination of data science and behavioral science working together in digital marketing. The richness of data can truly be gathered and analyzed to discover so much, like patterns of financial behavior and outcomes around spending/saving money.

Ameritas Life Insurance Company

Brent Korte Headshot

Chief Marketing Officer,
Brent Korte

I am very excited about the utilization of data to drive higher quality business and marketing decisions as we develop behavioral and predictive models of our customers.


Richard Gans Headshot

Director of Social Media,
Richard Gans

In thinking about the future of digital marketing I am excited about the role social media will play. More brands will realize we need to move from simply using social as a broadcast channel to integrating it with marketing campaigns, customer service, consumer engagement and nurturing programs. With social media adoption growing from 5% in 2005 to 69% today, according to Pew Research, this channel will only continue to grow and become an increasingly important role in any digital marketing effort, both in terms of reaching consumers as well as learning about their needs, including brands in the financial services industry.

BNY Mellon Investment Management

Sheri Gilchrist Headshot

Managing Director, Global Head of Marketing Services,
Sheri Gilchrist

For me my eyes are on the transformative role self-enablement and artificial intelligence will have in the future of digital marketing.

XL Catlin

Elliott Bundy Headshot

Chief Communications & Marketing Officer, Managing Director,
Elliott Bundy

I’m most excited by the change in mind-set digital allows for traditional B2B marketing – we can just think of it simply as ‘marketing’ and that opens tremendous possibilities.