By Pooja Shah, B2B Marketing Manager from CUNA MUTUAL GROUP

Marketing for financial brands requires strategy and creativity. One of our speakers from the DMFS Series answered some questions to give some insight on how they plan to market for financial brands. Pooja Shah from CUNA Mutual Group has over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry specializing in client services, sales, and marketing.

Q: What are some key ideas when marketing in financial services that differs from marketing in other industries?

A: Given my 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, on the service, sales, and marketing side of the business, I think these are a few things which differ from marketing in other industries:

– Marketing in the Financial Services industry is very regulated like the healthcare industry.

– The sales funnel is more relationship-based, and thus, there is a niche in every audience catered.

– What may work for B2C audience will not work for B2B audience Especially on the B2B side – the sales cycles can be longer. This requires more diligence and strategic thinking when guiding a potential buyer through a long journey.

– Segmentation is the key and knowing your audience and understanding their journey and business experience is a priority before creating any marketing strategies.

Q: Does your company use content marketing? If so, what has been effective for your company in financial services?

A. Yes. CUNA Mutual Group annuities marketing team uses content marketing primarily. Given the best way to reach the audience we target which is Broker-Dealer and Financial Advisors, our content strategy is based on the sales funnel at each audience level.

Q. What are the top technological tools your company is/are currently using to market effectively?

A. Some of the top Technological marketing tools we use are:

  1. We have been using HubSpot (migrating to Marketing Cloud) for our lead gen program and marketing automation,
  2. Seismic for sales enablement and as a content management system
  3. Salesforce for CRM integration
  4. Workfront for managing projects

Q. What are some ways in which social media helped your company market effectively?

A. Given the regulated environment we are in, I believe social media is a small part of the overall digital strategy. Having a content strategy to distribute the content through various outlets is our goal and social media is part of it. As a company, we have been successfully able to share content via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. For the annuities team, we are still working on our strategy on how to best use that outlet for content distribution and brand awareness. But it’s on top of our mind.

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