TD for Me, Powered by Flybits

Hyper personalization drives engagement and deepens TD’s relationship with its customers.
TD Bank recognized that their customers’ expectations were rapidly evolving as tech advancements ushered in intelligent, digital solutions that empowered companies to anticipate and meet needs more dynamically. This case study covers how Flybits empowers TD with its platform to provide over 1.2 million users with hyper-personalized experiences.

The Intergrated Marketing Organization

Newscred invites us to learn more about Integrated Marketing in this whitepaper. Why invest in “integrated marketing” now? Isn’t it just a buzzword that’s been around for years? When we say there’s a critical
mandate for building an integrated marketing organization, it boils down to increasing operational efficiency, increasing collaboration, and increasing performance.

ChatMeter’s Local Brand Report

Financial service consumers in the “Age of the Consumer” are looking to work with brands that offer better experiences. In a time when financial brands are shifting towards digital solutions, consumers are expecting more out of their local branches. This report takes a look at how well financial service brands are adapting to customer expectations by listening to customer feedback and providing better online to offline experiences.
To capture the scope of the financial services industry, we took multiple lists of financial services companies across all micro-industries and narrowed that down to the top 10 retail banks, top 5 credit unions, top 5 tax companies, top 5 insurance companies, and top 5 check cashing companies based on location count.

Adthena CMO Search Intellingence Report

Adthena, the Ultimate Search Intelligence Solution, ranked the top 150 finance companies for search performance. Using their AI-powered, Whole Market View, they’ve analyzed the finance search market and created the CMO Search Intelligence Index. As a marketing leader, Adthena provides this index as a benchmark relative to peers and competitors for the first time.

Search is a barometer for customer intent so if you’re winning in search, you’re winning the market.

Find out how to:
  • Prove the success and value of your marketing program, bring the report straight to the boardroom
  • Strengthen and protect your brand by identifying market opportunities and risks, ensuring that you’re leveraging search to its full potential
  • Make informed decisions and allocate spend where it will have the greatest impact on your business

Social Selling Tips for Wealth Managers

Have you heard of social selling? Many wealth managers I speak to haven’t, yet they may be doing it without realising it. The basic idea is that an increasing number of firms are using the major social media platforms (primarily LinkedIn and Twitter in the case of financial services firms) to ‘sell’ without actually ‘selling’.

In terms of the business case for the proactive use of social media to build your business, according to LinkedIn:

  • Just over 63% of social sellers report an increase in their sales revenue, versus 41% of non-social sellers
  • 84% of social sellers use LinkedIn; 48% use Twitter
  • 74% of consumers do research online before making a buying decision
  • 65% of buyers feel that a vendor’s content had an impact on their decision to buy
  • Your next generation of clients are 5x more likely than previous generations to think that social networks will be the hub of their financial information in the future

Presented by: Graham Aikin

Key Benefits of Social Selling for Wealth Managers

Social selling is a relatively new concept which simply refers to using social media (for wealth managers, primarily LinkedIn and Twitter) to establish and develop relationships with prospects, clients and other useful business contacts. The polar opposites of social selling are the more traditional marketing methods of mailshots, cold calling and a ‘scatter gun’ approach. 

Presented by: Graham Aikin

Digital Ad Intelligence for Brands

Just what is digital advertising intelligence and how do brands use it?

Brands use Digital Ad Intel to:

  • Inform brand strategy, promotions, and messaging
  • Improve ad strategy with competitive information
  • Optimize ad execution with site channel intelligence
  • Audit agencies and ad tech partners
  • Communicate with exports and reports


This e-book from Pathmatics reviews a number of use cases for digital ad intelligence in brand management.

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How To Win The Only Metric That Matters: A Guide To Profit-Driven Financial Services Marketing

Today’s financial services marketers are better equipped to analyze prospect behavior, measure campaigns, and track website performance than ever before. However, as access to ever greater volumes of information constantly grows, deriving meaningful insights from these endless data reserves is also more difficult than ever. In this targeted white paper, Wpromote shares some of the best profit-driving strategies that financial services marketers need to know in order to make their businesses thrive. Discover the key metrics you need to focus on, which campaigns to run and when to run them, how to align your sales and marketing teams, and much more.

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Why CMO’s Will Be The Real Disruptors to Financial Services

As financial services rapidly respond and evolve to the seismic shifts in consumer expectations, and market complexity the CMO is faced with no shortage of challenges or opportunities in driving growth through the proactive disruption of their competitor’s business models. But where should a CMO start? Read our three key ideas that should lead the CMO to drive business model disruption.

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Targeted Audiences need Targeted Visuals

Creating custom content has been slow and expensive until now – brands spend too much time and money creating it, instead of promoting it.

The Shutterstock Custom platform is changing that. We make it easy for brands to create authentic, cost-effective, and scalable custom visual content. Our platform ingests a brand’s visual guidelines and creative strategy, and then using a global network of creative talent, delivers high-quality, on-brand content.

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Call Intelligence Case Study

In financial services, phone calls are critical part of a customer’s journey.

Download the case study and learn how SunTrust bank created an exceptional customer experience using call intelligence in an industry plagued by distrust and impersonal service.

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Personalization Best Practices for Financial Services

Now more than ever personalization is needed to deliver a top-notch customer experience. At Evergage we understand this can be particularly difficult for the financial services industry. Broad financial offerings combined with compliance and regulatory hurdles make it particularly difficult for you to consider and deploy customer experience innovations.

To meet customer expectations, how can you deliver a truly personalized customer experience across all your digital channels? Check out our eBook, Personalization Best Practices for Financial Services for ideas on how personalization can work for you.

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ROI Genome: 2017 Marketing Intelligence Report

The first annual edition of important trends and insights on the factors that affect return on investment for offline and online marketing.

Over the past 13+ years, Analytic Partners has collected marketing intelligence across industries and countries to form the core of its ROI Genome. This report is the first time these insights are available to the public.

Download and learn about:

  • How ROIs are Converging for Offline + Online
  • ROI Trends by Channel
  • How Cross-Channel Synergy Affects ROI
  • The Effect of Increasing Costs on Online ROI
  • The Impact of Paid Marketing on Owned and Earned Efforts
  • How Different Channels Influence Consumers through the Customer Journey
  • Short & Long Term Considerations for Spending Allocation
  • Recommendations and Take-Aways to Improve ROI

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Driving campaigns with data science

Trying to determine who should buy your products or services often amounts to little more than educated guesswork. You might be able to analyze patterns and perhaps even employ a heuristic-based lead scoring methodology, but the reliability of these predictions often leaves much to be desired. It’s time for the “art” of driving campaigns to move to the next level: driving campaigns with data science.

Data science analyzes historical and transactional data to find patterns that reliably predict future behavior. This can empower you to improve cross-selling to generate net new income and identify clients who will most likely purchase.

Read on to discover how data science can help you make your data work for you.

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Transforming Financial Services

Forty-five senior leaders reveal their 2016 priorities

Banking is going digital. Driven by changing customers and a changed operating environment, financial institutions of all kinds are facing a
world of permanent beta. As customers go digital, they set the pace for investment in digital customer experience.

Building a seamless and relevant digital experience cannot be restricted by organizational inertia, innovation budgets, or past experience. It must be based on the customer.

Idio surveyed several hundred senior digital executives from top financial institutions to find out how they are taking steps to deliver a better digital customer experience and what the various obstacles are to realizing this goal.

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10 Ways to Get Started

with High-Velocity Testing

Regular experimentation is the best way to boost your creative performance and get the most out of your digital advertising dollars. When it comes to setting up experiments, one of the big chal- lenges marketers face is developing a playbook with enough ideas to keep tests going regularly. Here are 10 ways to get started right now.

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A Case for Building Better Customer Engagement in the Financial Services Sector

Most importantly, financial services have had to start from the ground up in finding sustainable ways of re-establishing customer trust while building new relationships and restoring old ones.

Four Social Media Strategies for Business Success

Hootsuite has created the Financial Services: 4 Social Media Strategies for Business Success white paper to provide direction on how your financial services enterprise can locate where it currently stands on the social media maturity model. Is your financial enterprise in the Social Advocate stage, or have you moved up to Social Teams? How can you become a Social Organization according to the model? The white paper will help take stock of where you currently stand and give you a solid understanding of where you need to get to in order to achieve your business goals.

Digital Marketing is Reshaping Financial Services

Info-graphic showing stats on digital marketing for financial services

Top Tips to Save You Time and Money for the Conference

Info-graphic showing top tips on best time to book your flight and networking.

Gamification Infographic

Today’s employees are busier than ever and juggling many different priorities. Many are not taking full advantage of their workplace retirement programs and are not saving enough for their retirement. Gamification can help educate employees about the investment decisions they need to make and motivate them to take action. Download this Getting invested in retirement planning infographic to find out how Sun Life Financial partnered with Bunchball to increase financial literacy and inspire employees to save for their retirement.